Decode Base64 into Text Online Tool

A tool for decoding Base64 into plaintext.


Decodes Base64 encoded text into plain text. The binary data encoded into Base64 is decoded into text characters. Converting text to Base64 can be useful to visually obscure text while still allowing for easy decoding. Base64 is easily reversed and this obscuring is not cryptographically secure.

How to Use

1. Enter Base64 encoded text into the input box.

2. Press the "Decode" button and Base64 encoded text characters will be decoded into text characters.

3. Pressing the "Decode" button will convert Base64 encoded text in the output box back to the input box

About Base64

Base64 is a is a widely used method for converting binary data into a text format. Base64 converts binary bits into a set of 64 characters consisting of the 26 uppercase letters, the 26 lowercase letters, the 10 numeric digits and the characters + and /. An additional character = is used to indicate the presence of padding bits.