XML Decode Online Tool

A tool for decoding XML to plain text.


Decodes XML encoded text into plain text. XML text is contained inside XML elements and contains character entities which represent different text characters. Character entities are used to escape reserved characters used by XML to represent markup and to represent Unicode characters in ASCII encoded text.

There are three ways of representing character entities, either by unicode decimal code, unicode hexadecimal code, or a predefined entity.

XML Character Entity Formats
Format Usage
Unicode decimal code &# {decimal code};
Unicode hexadecimal code &#x {hexdecimal code};
Predefined code See list below

XML Predefined Entities
Character Predefined Entity XML Usage
< &lt; XML tag open bracket
> &gt; XML tag close bracket
& &amp; First character of escaped character
" &quot; Surrounds a string literal
' &apos; Surrounds a string literal